Casa Flip Flop – Beach Front Home For Sale

Casa Flip Flop 

Casa Flip Flop is located on Cocal beach on the east side of little Corn Island. The coral sand beach faces the trade winds keeping the house cool. There is a coral reef about one third of a mile offshore that protects and calms the whole east side of the island. The snorkeling is excellent and one of the best scuba dives, caves and channels is nearby. Many of your Airbnb guests have commented that Casa Flip Flop is the best location on the Island. Cool quiet and amazing swimming beach.

This beach has the best access for kite boarding, people from all over the world come here over and over. Water temp is about 82° year round.

At 12° latitude the sunrises at about 5:30 year round. The open space designed house and back porch are screened in and have bars shutters screens and curtains to control the breeze and natural light. The huge front bifold screen doors have screen which blocks 80% of the wind.

When the kiteboarders are out with small kites, the back porch is a great hangout. The big hammock, in the nicest back yard on the island works well also.

At present the Village electricity comes on at 1pm and off at 6 am. The island has installed a large solar field and 24 hr power should be completed soon. FF is set for a honda 2000 generator in the back porch bodega. Start the “plant” flip one switch and house has power.

Water comes from the village well system,making FF has a particulate and carbon filter for the entire house, and an under sink filter at kitchen sink for potable water for drinking and ice.

Casa Flip Flop has a flush toilet and a biodigester sewage treatment system. Hot water showers are available 24 hours a day. There is an electric shower outside and the indoor shower has a tankless propane gas heater. Even though its never cold here a hot shower feel great.

There is a gas range so cooking and coffee can be any time.

The island has many little stores and one medium sized “super” where you can get everything ones needs to eat or drink. Venders come by Cocal beach selling fresh fish, lobster, bread, patties and one can put the word our to a vendor that you need something and it will usually show up. There is an organic farm on the north end of the Island where many fresh fruits and vegetables can be gotten.

There are no traffic problems on LCI because there are no motorized land vehicles. Wheelbarrows, carts, bicycles and walking is what we do.

Claro celluar phone and internet is accessible at Casa Flip Flop. Phone minutes sim cards and data can purchased at several places on LCI (need an unlocked GSM phone). Bars and restaurants have free WIFI for customers. Turned Turtle, Little Corn Beach and Bungalows Restaurant has better internet and is about 200 meters from FF. This is the top rated resort on the both Islands, the food is incredible and there signature margaritas, mud slides and pina coladas will keep you coming back.

There are few places left in the world like Little Corn Island. The cost of living is a small fraction of what it is in US or Canada.

The incredible climate wonderful English speaking people, the beautiful Carribean sea, enough amenities to make it a wonderful place to visit or live

Price : 165,000.00 US

For more information, please contact Bruce and Maryjane.


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